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Mimic Clothing is an upcoming Streetwear brand from Oxford,PA now branching off to NYC inspired by the lack of originality in a industry that already has its sets blueprint for success. It is a clothing brand that is dedicated to providing people with a means to show who they are and be themselves without reservations.

Origin of MimicGawd

Mimic started as an idea while I was interning for footwear brand StevinGold but, even before the internship I was always into the idea of branding and was pursuing an early love for being an entrepreneur. When I was 12 I ran a Snow Cone stand with my younger sister I was responsible for the flavor names and was already developing marketing and ways to bring in customers before even understanding what marketing was.  By age 15 I was heavily into art classes and spent most of my time drawing and selling custom shirts in school…which eventually lead to me starting to design my own and brainstorm ideas that are now used in Mimic. The summer of 2007 I really got into Streetwear when my friend introduced me to Karmaloop, it was still pretty new and had maybe only 30 brands compared to what it is at now. During this summer I spent a lot of time looking up brands from all over the world and stumbled across Johnny Cupcakes, which is one of my biggest influences, I saw how different they were and how they played with their logo and that stuck with me. Fast forward to 2012  I was interning with Stevin Gold Footwear a brand in Chicago towards the end of my internship I had a conversation with my cousin about possibly making some shirts and I told him everyone used to copy me back in high school and I had the name Poser Fraud already for prototypes and at the same time we both said Mimic and now here we are.


Comedian: DC YoungFly


Reality Stars: Puma, Sassy & Oh’Shit of Vh1’s Black Ink Crew


Rapper/Producer: SpaceghostPurrp

Accomplishments of Mimic

Mimic Clothing has been business since 2012, giving it about two and a half of years from its establishment. The product, ideas and message all comes from 24 year old artist Dominic Jimenez aka Mimic Gawd. In the short about of time he was seen along with his creations on VH1 Black Ink Crew during the season 1 finale as well with other celebrities. These celebrities include SODMG artist Agoff, SpaceghostPurrp, Bobbyworld, A$AP Tybeats, Audio Push, Overdoz, Spinning9, Souljakid, BLVD Marc, YG Hootie, Raven Sorvino, Spaceghostpurrp, Og Maco, Chelsea Reject, G4SHI, TOAN Magazine, BluePrint Magazine, KicksOnFire, House of Aura, Coffin Catalogs, The Krusaders and A Tale of Two Biddies and many more.