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Anime: Boruto Review Ep 1-5

Before I start breaking down Boruto I have to say how deep this Naruto shit really goes. I’ve been watching Naruto since I was 14 (I’m about to be 26) so when I tell you I am deep in this show I am deep. 

Ok, Boruto is Naruto’s son right but he is already way more advanced than Naruto was at his age kind of how Konohamaru was better than a lot of the kids his age because he had Naruto as a rival and his Grandpa was the 3rd Hokage. In the first episode you see into the future for the beginning scene were Boruto has these markings on his arms and face and the whole village is destroyed .

That power in his eye is a bloodline technique and when he’s seeing this evil aura it triggers that power. I like how they are leaving that a mystery because he had a chance to tell Hinata about it the first episode too and decided not to so it already has me wanting to know why. 

As far as the characters go I fuck with the variety seeing all the oldheads really be in the background now while the younger kids do their shit is pretty cool and I like how they still include them.

 Shino is somehow the school teacher now lol which is cool because he character never really got too developed in the regular Naruto or Shippuden. 

Sasuke hasn’t been in the show yet but his daughter he had with Sakura is and there is a chance he is gonna be in it about as much as Naruto is in this one. 

Orochumaru was mentioned when Mitsuki came to the school but I really think Mitsuki IS Orochimaru like a new vessel or some wild shit. 

The rest of the characters are still left in the dark for the most part which is good because they have a lot to explain which means a million episodes.  Be sure to check Boruto out before it gets too crazy and people start posting spoilers bullshit. 

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