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Arist Spotlight #1 Chelsea Reject



Me: first question Who the fuck are you!?

Chelsea Reject:  I’m Chelsea Reject, an awkward kidult from Brooklyn NY

Me: What are you known for ?

Chelsea Reject: I’m known for riding my bike everywhere, being super chill and recording songs about my life

Me: sounds cool, what is a normal days activities for you?

Chelsea Reject: I wake up, try to remember my exact dream, then I begin to figure out my day which since I’m not in school can usually go anywhere but always related to something creative

Me: how do you like living in NY?

Chelsea Reject: Its amazing like theres a lot of talent in NY as a whole and it’s inspiring but sometimes it can feel over saturated but its all about balance. Like i think I just need to travel more.

Me: thats whats up are you born and raised in NY?

Chelsea Reject: Yes I am

Me: Where is one place in the world you would want to travel?

Chelsea Reject: I really want to go to Japan

Me: Same Japan is fucking cool lol do you get any inspiration from Japan or is it mostly life in NY?

Chelsea Reject: I get inspiration from everywhere so maybe.

Me: thats awesome so, lets talk about music anyone you look up to?

Chelsea Reject: Andre 3000 and Lupe hands down

Me: nice picks 3stacks is the man. So I know that you make music and have listened to some of Radi-8 was that your first release?


Chelsea Reject: Yeah it was my first tape

Me: What is your favorite song from the tape and why?

Chelsea Reject: Good Mourning and because it’s personal to me and also helped me get through my aunt’s death. I feel like she felt it too

Me: that was actually my favorite song as well I could feel the emotional presence in that. Anything new in the works?

Chelsea Reject: Got this tape called #CMPLX coming soon and I’m pretty stoaked about it, got some dope NYC emcees on it.

Me: Whats the date on that?

Chelsea Reject: Should be out around March/April

Me: awesome awesome anything else we should know or you want to tell the kids?

Chelsea Reject: Be yourself and don’t be judgement and Oh and love yourself

Me: thanks for taking time out of your day to talk with me i’ll be sure to keep the readers updated with your work.