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Artist Of The Week #3 SVPREME


1. I already know who you are but for our readers let em know who is Svpreme?

Lol, svpreme is svpreme.

I am. That is alllll

2. What is it that you are known for?

Music, modeling, tattooing, and smoking newports lol hahaa
Alot of ppl actually know me from my shows around NY

3. LOL wow I really didnt notice the newport thing until now haha thats dope.

You are obviously cute so I’m not gonna ask about the modeling lol but what made you get into music?
Lol it just worked for me. Needed a way of expression, and i’ve always been addicted to tha lifestyle that came with it
4. Thats wussup, so since you make music who do you like to listen to besides yourself?
Drake, earl sweatshirt, and schoolboy Q are my influences
5. Favorite song of yours?
Of my own music?
Idk. Dont have one
Hmm. Idk, i always go through phases where a song’ll be my fav for like a month lol. Like beyonce- dangerously in love 
7. Thats a good song so understandable haha. What do you like to do when your not modeling or making music?
Lol, it varies. smoking, skating, painting, tattooing, Runnin round with my bros.
I like spontaneous weird stuff. Like going bowling, or an arcade, or fucking lazer tag
8. ayeee, to bowling lol you know I had to ask you about anime since we talk about it sometimes haha what’s your top 3 favorites?
lmao omgggg. Only 3 isn’t fair.
Def attack on titan. 
Kill la kill
Hunter x hunter
Ima have to add sword art online too. 
9. You officially are the SVPREME BAE lol anything you want to tell our readers? 
Lol thank you✨✨✨
Um. Anti-ignorant 2k15. please participate kidz
Thanks for taking time out to talk to Mimic I really appreciate it! 
No prob<33333

Check out Svpreme’s New EP “The Paradox” here