Artist of the Week #4 Cornelio Octavious | Mimic Clothing

Artist of the Week #4 Cornelio Octavious


1. Who are you?

A. Im a jedi, aka as a pimp name slickback

2. Where are you from?

2. Im from Brooklyn ny, raised in panama

3. What have you done that you are proud of?

3. there so many things Im proud of, but playing at afro punk festival,sxsw but honestly. what im truly proud of is the lives that i changed through my craft


4.When did you first start drumming?

4. well i always wanted to drum since the age of 3. my family wasn’t finical fortunate to afford drums till i was in high school. i got my first drum set from my mother who my inspiration (she still working so i must go harder) but i officially started int he 6th grade, didnt get serious till 2 years ago.. thats wen i discovered drumming was my gateway to freedom, endless adventures, and happiness

5. Best performance you think you’ve given.

5. hmmm either sxsw 14with gashi and loaf muzik, apple store with the upperclass men and the roots, or either webster hall with adrian daniel

6.Any other talents you have or are working on?

6. i play trumpet, learning cello, learning how to sing and play piano, but im great at producing, teaching, motivater, im working on my own clothing line, learning graphic design and animation, currently teaching myself to draw.


7. What are you working on now?

7. Im working on touring with adrian daniel, g4shi, loaf muzik, lanz peirce.. We are touring this year into next.. Im working on defining my sound, Getting out my moms crib. lol RNS

8.Best way to book you for work or

Shout out to mimic clothing!!!