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Artist of the Week #6 THURTEENSOUNDS

1. Who are you?

I am thurteensounds, actually lol i am a human
2. Well Thurteensounds the human lol tell the world what it is you do.
I create magic with sounds
What got you started ?
Michael Jackson, LL cool J & Groove Theory
3.Favorite MJ song?
having a favorite MJ song is damn near impossible lol
its like having a favorite pair of sneakers
you may really like one pair but theres always something else you’d wear on another day depending how you feel.
10553370_10154444453045099_8829995021693762536_n truee favorite song right now?
Dyme A Duzin – That Chicken
What do you do in your spare time?
get lost in whatever city or town Im in
in attempts to find something new.
5.favorite food?
I could eat Jamaican food all day lol
6. wrdd lol you got a special spot you wanna plug?
lol like sex position?!
7.lmfaooo naa like a food spot ahaha!
lMFAOOOO shoutout to tropical jerk on grand avenue.
8.lmao on that note anything you wanna tell the readers out there?
I’d like to see humans practice more humanity and duality.
9.and let everyone know where they can reach you at.
you can holla at ya gawla in a bodega near you, probably copping some backwoods and gettin into something illegal
but if you ain’t in these skreets follow me on the blue bird @thurteensoundsNew album will be called “splash sounds”stay on the look out cause its going to drop like a thief in the night ya dig

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