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Artist of The Week #8 PELL

1.Who is Pell?

Pell is the alter-ego of Jared Pellerin. He is a warrior, lover, poet, and most importantly a student.

2. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New Orleans. St. Roch Avenue.

3. What do you for fun out in New Orleans what was it like growing up there?

For fun I eat amazing food with amazing people. I used to play baseball so I’m picking that back up. My friends are actually restoring Milne Park down here which is where my brother used to play football. Growing up here was awesome, I had two loving parents who wanted to see me win and a brother who set a good example for me with whatever he did. I also was blessed to grow up around so much good music as a child. I still wanted to see the world when I was younger. Life goals.

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4.That’s awesome maybe we can get some Pell baseball jersey’s haha can we assume a lot of what you experienced growing up is what you are repeating in your music now?

Hahaha. You can count on that. Most of my music does focus on past experiences as well as those in which I haven’t encountered yet but wish to happen. I want to make my experiences/dreams help me relate to the everyone. We are all we got. I’m going to eventually change and so will my music but I’m living and writing as my story unfolds.

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You can order Pell’s brand new album LIMBO now!

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