Artist of The Week #7 Jamee Cornelia | Mimic Clothing

Artist of The Week #7 Jamee Cornelia


1.Who are you?

I’m Jamee Cornelia or Jamee C for short
What do you do?

Anything I can put creative energy into Music Media Arts
fashion sometimes I really like film and photo manipulation too

2.What do you like doing in your spare time away from art?

I don’t think i do anything in my spare time other than art lol

I skate but I don’t have a lot of tricks anymore still cleaning up pop shoves and shit

other than Thrift Godding it the fuck up and doing random shit with my friends Art is my life literally. tell us about Thrift Godding


Well my personal goal [since I’m not some trap master or some shit like that ] is to use all my money towards my art so since that shit is a pretty penny I can really only afford thrift store clothes

But its cool you know finding dope shit for like 5$ or less

Its like a game to me now seeing how much dopeness i can cop with 20 bucks I’ve been deemed the Young Thrift God because only I seem to be able to find the shit i find at goodwills lol

4. Any spots you wanna share or are they all secret locations for you?

Well I’m in Marietta so most of my usual spots are out here on Roswell Rd and shit but Buckhead Goodwill has dope shit and there is this Thrift store in Atlanta thats called Lost and Found its ran by a homeless youth shelter that is amazing!

fucked around spent like 100$ there because I just kept finding dope shit.

5.Whats your favorite item you got thrifting?


shirts [t-shirts button ups shit like that] or hats my shirt and hat game is super stupid lol thats wussup! What else do you like about where you live besides the thrift shops?

I like living near a major city but not in a major city it gives me outsiders edge and a dash of mystery since I’m not in peoples faces everyday you know? and it gives me space to hide out and work.

7.Same thats what I like too haha. Soo music wise whats going on?

a lot of shit honestly wrapping up Toys in The Attic its in the polishing phase after that project drops I’m just gunna create stuff and get back into the experimental side of my music so I may just drop a bunch of eps until i am ready to sit still and do an album


8.Awesome, awesome I see you do some shows out there too how are those for you?

fun performing is my favorite thing in the world. You can do literally whatever you want on stage. I’ve always been a little strange to people in like “regular life” but on stage i can do all my “strange” stuff without judgement you know? Your spirit lets free on stage.

9.Thats how i feel too I love performing. Did you have any performances coming up?

Oct 2nd with my band at Punk Black Fest and Oct 9th at What The Fuck Fest.

10.Awesome! Anything you want to tell our readers?

Stay you and have fun and feed your soul xD If your ever in Atlanta or Marietta lets hang out [no creepers tho]

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