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Artist Spotlight #2 Dizzuane aka DrippedGawd


Artist Spotlight #2: Dizzuane of Dummie Love

This is a new segment to the blog called “Artist Spotlight” every week I will introduce the blog fans and the world to a new artist I think should be recognized. 

 This week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my friends Duane aka Dizzuane known for his brand Dummie Love along with partner and known music artist Tate Kobang(who I will be doing a separate interview on) and how they got started.

Me: Who are you and where are you from?

Dizz: I am Dizzuane aka Dizz Gavins and I’m from Baltimore, MD

Me: What is Dummie Love? 

Dizz: Dummie Love is an apparel brand, but it means doing anything for something you love. Dummie Love has been around for 5 years now but coming up on the summer this year we have been in business for 3.

Me: What got you started as an artist?

Dizz: I don’t actually know what started me as an artist. It was always natural to me, everywhere I was art was there with me. The first thing I remember drawing was when I was about 3 or 4 and I had the colorful easel that came with paper and I drew Mickey & Minnie it was dope haha.

Me: Is it difficult being an independent brand and does it seem to be getting easier or harder as time goes by?

Dizz: Is it difficult being an independent brand no, is it a lot of hard work, yes. The deeper you get the hard you have to work. I want to get to a point where I don’t have to work as hard to keep my success. 

Me: What have you accomplished so far that you are proud of?

Dizz: Hmm well I’m proud of the fact that my brand can be recognized not only locally but globally. Thanks to the power of the internet of course.

Me: The internet is a crazy place haha but, you also have Instagram going nuts tell us about whats going on in the mobile world.

Dizz: Bruuuuh, I gets it poppin on the gram lol. Its where I can show all my talents from videos, animation, photography, drawings, painting, clothing literally anything. I just have a good time with it. It’s like a mini gallery for my work and lifestyle and, people use IG for likes, I use it for the connections and have been given so many opportunities because someone seen my work on IG.

Me: Who has really showed you love on the gram since you’ve been active?

Dizz: NiceKicks, Supra, Today’s Hype, Staple Pigeon even Jeff Staple himself. KicksonFire and the KicksonFire staff always show me love and Ricky Shucks from youtube. Also, the homie Rob Markman from MTV.


Me: That’s wussup man sounds like you’ve got things under control. Anything new the people should look out for in 2014?

Dizz: I’ll definitely be having a pop up shop this coming Feb. A gallery opening featuring my art and Im just going to keep pumping out the dopeness.

Me: That is awesome man I just wanted to ask you one last thing…DRIPS lol where did all the Drips come from?

Dizz: Haha, alright to make a long story short when i was in elementary school and BBC Ice Cream was out. I would draw PIE, I had an acronym for it but I can’t remember and I would draw Ice Cream with it. So it was my PIE and Ice Cream collab and I would always draw the ice cream dripping off the pie and it became a thing I did. I’ve been drawing the Drips for 10 years now hah. 


Me: Haha Ice Cream x PIE might have to make that a limited edition item. Anything else you want to tell the kids at home?

Dizz: Right though! Hah. and yeah man do more working and less complaining. To many people are worried about what the next person is doing . A lot of people want to do what the guy on top is doing, but they never emulate the hard work aspect. Mannn just turn up and do you! Lol 

Me: Haha thanks for the insight man looking forward to see what you do in the new year!

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For more about Dizzuane check him out on IG @Dizzuane &