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Best Rappers of 2010-2015

Ok, Before I start this post I wanted to let you know this was from a status I made on my Facebook about Ab-Soul being the Best Rapper ALIVE in 2012 which I still strongly believe but this will clear up all the timelines.


Early 2010 Lil Waynes “No Ceilings” Mixtape was still buzzing and this was the peak of the Young Money Era Drake was getting ready to debut his first studio album “Thank Me Later” which had about 5 songs on the radio at that time.

The summer was nothing but Drake “Miss Me” “Say Something” “Fancy” quotes all over social media making 2010 “Hand Gesture” Drake the best Rapper that year.¬†108888-drake__BET_962_478



2011 was a dope year for music with new Artist Kendrick Lamar gaining momentum with his project Section.80, A$AP Rocky with his project Live.Love.A$AP and Childish Gambino with his project CAMP.

Drake still had buzz building from his last album and his highly anticipated 2nd album “Take Care” was due Fall 2011. J Cole also released his debut around the same time as Drake’s album and it was good just got drowned out by other artist. This year might be the only hard one to judge for me because I felt like everyone was making classic music I still listen to all those projects mentioned so Im going to make this one a tie between Drake and Kendrick for 2011 Best Rapper.

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Summer 2012 was a strong year for 2 Chainz he had multiple verse’s I thought deserved verse of the year Kendrick’s buzz was growing as well as A$AP Rocky’s and the buzz off of Kanye’s upcoming “Cruel Summer” EP was also holding people down music wise. The person that I think shined the most during this time period is TDE artist Ab-Soul with his project “Control System” which is easily the best project of that year followed closely by Childish Gambino’s “ROYALTY” release, which had one of my favorite Ab-soul verse’s ever on “Unnecessary”.

Following this TDE release Kendrick released his debut studio album GKMC which, I personally think is his weakest project even though it still has classic’s and solidified him as the new face of West Coast Rap. So, this year I give to the TDE family with 2 great releases Ab-Soul’s Control System & Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC


2013 was almost a difficult year to judge because of two reasons. 1st reason being Drake’s 3rd album “NWTS”, 2nd reason Childish Gambino’s “Because The Internet”. Now I am a huge fan of both of these projects but, I’ve seen Drake at this level before and this is what I expected from him but, this was the best I’ve seen from Gambino and I still play that album till this day so he wins 2013.

also wanted to give a mention to Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap” for best debut project of 2013.


2014-2015 right now is the hardest year to judge Drake is doing his thing as usual with a new album/mixtape “If you’re reading this it’s too late” after having the summer on lock with radio hits Draft Day, 6GOD, and Believe me Ft. Lil Wayne. Now the harder part of all of this year Childish Gambino released STN MTN/ Kauai ¬†which I enjoyed the Kauai EP more than STN MTN but the visuals he provides makes it next level. THEN Action Bronson released his debut album “Mr. Wonderful” which I like THEN Joey Badass released his debut album “B4DA$$” which I liked also THEN!!!! Lupe Fiasco released his album “Tetsuo & Youth” which is so much better than his last albums. This year is just to hard to judge Kendrick also released “To Pimp a Butterfly”, Tyler the Creator dropped “Cherry Bomb”, Earl dropped “I don’t like shit, I dont go outside”, Chance the Rapper is about to release “SURF” and Ab-Soul is about to release “LT3” all this is taking place and other upcoming artist are starting to make their names known so for 2014-2015 I have no Best because everyone is out doing each other.

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