I QUIT MY JOB!! | Mimic Clothing


I recently quit my job of almost 2 years working at a computer data processing company… I couldn’t continue to work for other people and decided to go back to the thing that made me happiest. I went from 17 to 25 in and out of terrible jobs but the last job I had was decent but it didn’t fullfill my desire as an artist. I have always wanted to be an artist and have reached a certain amount of success freelancing growing my brand organically and gaining contacts.

Everyone thinks OMG it is so crazy you quit your job what are you going to do for money??
I just thought to myself nobody understands the journey ive been through to get to this point I have grown a business from scratch successfully and all those people “praying” for me haven’t ever supported me and my ideas so I know i’ll be ok.

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