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KITH Treats?

Looks like the color way GOD Ronnie Fieg is up to something at his KITH Brooklyn location. Over the weekend KITH BK re-opened but this time with a new edition to the store ….a fuckin cereal bar?!


It looks like Ronnie traveled back in time to his childhood and recreated every kids dream of having every type of cereal, but he did it to wear some of his friends created the names of his cereal combo’s such as; Andre Agassi, Action Bronson, Don C, BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and photographer 13th Witness.

Ronnie also made a dope little box you can purchase its like a shoe box but for cereal its pretty fuckin crazy and, reminds me of how Johnny Cupcakes looks like a bakery but in this case Ronnie is actually serving cereal AND kicks. 11215053_10153067081893365_792661819478819071_n




  1. Matthew-Charles26/08/2015 at 2:33 pm

    Actual crispy kicks?

  2. Lol exactly man