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Music: Earl SweatShirt “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside” Album Review



Brand new surprise release from Earl Sweatshirt of OFWGKTA “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t go Outside” has been on repeat his week in my iTunes. 

I was a fan of Earl’s last album because it had a lot of sounds that I thought were different that what people originally heard from him but, I didn’t like how many features he had on that last one. On IDLSIDGO he only has 4 features out of 10 songs and these fit the songs way better than on Doris.

This album sounds a lot more neutral with the feelings and Doris seemed like everything was darker even though the “Grief” video looks like its on some demon shit. What i’ve taken from this album is a summary of the last 2 years of Earl’s life since the release of Doris, “Mantra” covers some problems at home dealing with fake friends it sounds like or his girlfriend I’m not really sure.  I really like “Faucet” Earl talks about his relationship with his mother what got him sent away and how he’s been feeling on tour, I also really like “Inside” the beat is pretty light compared to everything else on the album and this song is also about when he returned from the island adjusting to being back with his friends all blowing up.

I think Earl progressed a lot since the last album I enjoyed the entire thing, there isn’t one song I don’t listen to so I give this a 10 out of 10.