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Music: Travis Scott “RODEO” Review

Yesterday the internet went nuts with the leak of Travis Scott’s “RODEO” debut. I personally have a pre-ordered copy for the Sept. release date but after hearing the stream I couldn’t stop myself from downloading. I think this is pure Travis all the beats have an element of rock, drugged out instrumentals and mix of horror, this album is going to get a lot of plays on my iTunes playlist.


The physical copy either comes with this Travis action figure or you can order it separately I’m not sure on the details but i think this is dope idea as far as marketing it’s been awhile since I’ve seen anyone use the action figure idea.


My favorite tracks on this album go #5 “90210” which reminds me of Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreaks but a more darker version about porn star girls from the Valley, and I love the background ad-libs like when the girl says “I hope it gets wet like my jumper tho” and the other background melodies made this my favorite so far. Another favorite for me is “Oh My Dis Side” which is basically 2 songs mixed together both parts feature Quavo from Migos but, I really like the “Dis Side” half of this track more. The “Dis Side” track reminds me of something I would hear on a Drake album since Drake has a lot of Houston influence I thought he might even hop on this album but no Drake features this time. Kanye has a feature on the track “Piss on your grave” which is kind of like his Yeezus work but my last favorite is “Maria Im Drunk” featuring muthafuckin Justin Bieber AND Young Thug like wtf lol that collab is the all time wildest shit I ever heard of but its amazing!


I really liked this album and I like the last project “Days Before Rodeo” if I had to rate this as of right now I would give it a solid 8 out of 10 there are a few tracks I kind of skip over because they take a little too long for me to get excited but over all this is a decent album and will be getting many listen throughs.