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Camden NJ has a few artist that I think are really putting on for the city and the state Mir Fontane is one of them and here is why check out his new single “Low” now on soundcloud and iTunes.

This year is a big year for the 2K franchise being one of the most anticipated release due to Spike Lee directing the story, Pre-orders for the game arriving 4 days before worldwide release, Jordan edition game cover and all new improved graphics making this thee basketball game for 2016….

  New York, NY– Aug. 20th. This week NYC hip hop duo, Dynamic Equilibrium, will be releasing their latest single, “System Overload.” ​Dynamic Equilibrium is a combination of the heavy production ofproducer Machia and the lyrical creativity of Alpha Memphis, both born and raised in New York. After the great success of their…

Our homie JMSN is getting ready to start up his new Forever Blue tour. If you aren’t familiar with JMSN’s music I suggest you go listen to his latest Album “JMSN” trust me you’ll wind up a fan.   Get Your Tickets Now at iamjmsn.com/tour  

Over the weekend I finally had time to revamp the website and get everything organized so NOW I can add dope shit like these Tyler, The Creator Vans that came out! Check out the rest of the collection below.